February 15, 2023

The future is now: AI and more effective cancer screening

AI offers a host of benefits for cancer care, especially as the market develops and adoption increases. As the first and only company to receive FDA approval for an AI in pathology, Paige has been blazing the trail forward, and our Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Klimstra spoke with PharmaPhorum on how we envision AI will impact cancer care. “Diagnostic AI can improve a number of aspects of pathological diagnosis. By quickly drawing the pathologist’s attention to suspicious findings, it makes the review more efficient, allowing the pathologist to focus their time on the most critical aspects of diagnosing cancer, rather than the time-consuming and exhausting process of screening numerous uninformative areas to identify the key finding, which is often the proverbial ‘needle-in-a-haystack’.”

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Hargreaves, Ben. “The Future Is Now: AI and More Effective Cancer Screening.” Pharmaphorum, n.d.