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Paige is the leading digital pathology transformation provider, offering a full-scale, AI-enabled, web-based solution that brings efficiency and confidence to cancer diagnosis.

Paige is transforming the cancer diagnostics industry by building novel large model AI applications as part of a full turnkey digital platform, driving pathology modernization through affordable digitization and clinical grade AI. This radically improves efficiency, turn-around times, reduces healthcare costs, enables precision diagnosis, and improves patient outcomes.


Use the incredible power of tissue-based AI to develop and deliver globally, a new generation of digital diagnostics and predictive tests, empowering pathologists and transforming oncology


Drive a new era of diagnostics and precision treatment to improve the lives of cancer patients.

About Paige

Using AI to inspire a new future for pathology

Pioneering the AI revolution in cancer imaging and pathology, Paige empowers doctors with cutting-edge data, technology, products, and services. Our expertise in generative AI across the cancer continuum has resulted in the creation of the largest AI models for detecting and quantifying cancer in tissue biopsies. This achievement is made possible through exclusive access to the world’s largest digital image library of cancer cases and associated genomic data from diverse sources.

As the sole company with FDA marketing authorization of AI in pathology, Paige delivers its diagnostic solutions through the Paige Platform, a web-based ecosystem now deployed in some of the world’s largest pathology laboratory networks. 


Setting the Standard of AI Excellence

Exclusive access to the world’s largest dataset in pathology establishes Paige
as the sole provider capable of delivering trusted, patient-ready AI

Paige leverages an exclusive dataset of over 25 million glass slides and corresponding pathology reports to build AI applications that can safely and effectively bring efficiency and confidence to patient diagnosis. Through this unique method, Paige received the first-ever FDA approval for an AI in pathology and has since leveraged the same techniques to develop additional trusted, powerful applications that help pathologists unlock deep tissue insights and deliver exceptional patient care.

Paige is uniquely positioned to develop pathology AI trusted for clinical utilization, using an average of 25,000 slides to train each powerful application

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