Our Team

At Paige, the world's most talented engineers, AI scientists, pathologists, and thought leaders are coming together to shape the future of pathology.

Our outstanding team of experts in life sciences, oncology, pathology, technology, product, user experience, machine learning, and healthcare, have led Paige to become the first company to receive FDA-approval for an AI-based pathology product. Paige is an innovative healthcare technology company that takes pride in our people and culture. We continue to grow and invest in our people with the mission of transforming pathology and oncology with our novel AI products and services.  

Meet the team

Leadership Team

Andy Moye
Andy Moye, PhD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
David Kilmstra
David S. Klimstra, MD
Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Thomas Fuchs, Dr.Sc.
Founder, Chief Scientist
Peter Hamilton
Peter Hamilton, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Razik Yousfi
Senior Vice President, Technology
Jillian Sue
Jillian Sue
Vice President, Product
Christina Segro
General Counsel
Siqi Liu , PhD
Director, AI Science
Amanda Wolfe
Vice President, Marketing
Stephen Johnston
Vice President, Customer Success & Support
Gerard Slootweg
Vice President, Sales

Medical Team

Juan Retamero, MD
Medical Vice President, Pathology Operations for Diagnostic Products
Joe Oakley, MD
Medical Director, Biomarker Development
Margaret Horton, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Partnerships & Evidence Generation

Scientific Advisory Board

Mike Kramer, MD
Vice President of Pathology and Medical Services, Quest Diagnostics
David Rimm
David Rimm, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology, Yale University School of Medicine
Marc Adanyi
Marc Ladanyi, MD
Chief, Molecular Diagnostics Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
John Iafrate
John Iafrate, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School and Deputy Chair Massachusetts General Hospital Pathology Department
Chris Kanan
Chris Kanan, PhD
Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Eslie Dennis
Eslie Dennis, MD, MBChB, FCP(SA)
Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Kyowa Kirin Inc.
Paul vanDiest
Paul van Diest, MD
Professor and Head of Pathology, University Medical Center Utrecht
Bethany Williams
Bethany Williams, MBBS PhD
Lead for Education and Training, National Pathology Imaging Co-operative Leeds, UK

Paige Board Members

Kenan Turnacioglu
Kenan Turnacioglu, PhD
Board Chairman, Paige
General Partner, Catalio Capital Management
Jim Breyer
Jim Breyer
Board Member, Paige
Founder and CEO, Breyer Capital
Robert Galvin
Robert Galvin, MD, MBA
Board Member, Paige
CMO, Equity Healthcare Operating Partner, Blackstone
Stephen Solomon, MD
Board Member, Paige
Chair, Department of Radiology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Alex Parker
Board Member, Paige
Casdin Capital
Asish K Xavier
Asish K. Xavier
Board Member, Paige
Vice President, Venture Investments Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC, Inc.
Jeffrey Lightcap
Jeffrey C. Lightcap
Board Member, Paige
Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Venture Partners, LLC
Satvat Ali
Ali Satvat
Board Member, Paige
Partner, Co-Head of Health Care and Global Head of Health Care Strategic Growth, KKR
Antoine Munfa
Board Member, Paige
Vice President , Growth Equity, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Our team takes pride in their work, join us today.