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August 10, 2023

Product Release Updates | August 2023

Paige Product Releases

August 2023

A look at what’s new at Paige, with a focus on usability enhancements, collaboration tools, and the launch of the Paige Breast Suite.


Customization and Collaboration

We enhanced both customization and collaboration capabilities across FullFocus®, our advanced whole-slide image viewer and FullFolio®, our AI-powered image manager.

  • Tagging and Filtering: Apply tags to slides in FullFocus, and filter cases by these tags within FullFolio. Customize tags to a site, and leverage our API to notify your additional lab systems when a tag is applied. Build custom workflows seamlessly within our existing infrastructure.
  • Pathologist Assignment: Change pathologist assignments within FullFolio, and synchronize information back into your LIS.


AI Interaction

Updates were made in FullFocus and FullFolio to enable pathologists to interact with AI results consistently throughout their workflow.

  • Enhanced usability of outputs from IHC quantification modules, including new features for defining regions of interest (ROI). These updates provide vital ratios, percentages, and clinical interpretations for each ROI.
  • Support for the integration of the Paige Breast Suite and other AI applications that aid in the detection, segmentation, and interpretation of subjective cell morphologies.


Paige Breast Suite**

The Paige Breast Suite was launched, which offers significant advancements in breast cancer detection and diagnosis. The Suite consists of:

  • Detect and Neoplasm: Helps pinpoint suspicious tissue and invasive carcinoma with slide-level neoplasm detection. Provides a focus of interest pointing to suspicious areas and highlights regions with invasive carcinoma in our TissueMap.
  • Mitosis: Assists with the detection of mitotic figures in regions classified as invasive carcinoma, displaying hotspots and quantifying mitoses in these areas.
  • Paige Breast Lymph Node: Supports the detection of lymph node metastases by pointing to suspicious areas on the slide for pathologist review.
  • HER2Complete: Helps with the detection of morphological phenotypes consistent with HER2 expression in IHC negative or equivocal-IHC1+ samples using H&E alone
  • Integration of Mindpeak IHC AI: Supports quantification of IHC biomarkers directly within the Paige workflow

The Paige Breast Suite delivers superior performance pathologists can trust for real-world diagnostic support:

  • Slide-level suspicious tissue detection (Paige Breast Detect & Neoplasm): AUC = 0.965 | Sensitivity = 0.951 | Specificity = 0.855*
  • Slide-level invasive cancer detection (Paige Breast Detect & Neoplasm): AUC = 0.993 | Sensitivity = 0.968 | Specificity = 0.954*
  • Mitosis detection (Paige Breast Mitosis): AI vs. Consensus: F1 Score = 0.71 (comparing with Human vs. Consensus: F1 Score = 0.79)*


Explore these updates and the full capabilities of Paige AI with a personalized demo.

*Based on investigational standalone & clinical performance studies involving 3 expert pathologists and data from 1440 patients.

** In European Union and United Kingdom, Paige Breast Suite AI Applications are CE-IVD & UKCA marked for clinical use with Leica Aperio AT2 and GT450 Scanners. In United States and where research use is permitted, Paige Breast Suite applications use are limited to Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Updated August 10, 2023