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February 21, 2024

Product Release Updates | February 2024

Paige Product Releases

February 2024

A look at what’s new at Paige, with a focus on streamlined lab operations, greater AI insight, and groundbreaking innovation.

Enterprise Enablement

We’ve rolled out a host of features and functionality designed to support labs in simplifying their digital workflows:

  • LabOps Portal – enhancements to help better identify slides with errors and provide important information on scanning location
  • Tagging Admin Portal – introduction of a new Admin Settings panel that enables users with the Lab Admin role to manage tags and other settings. With Tag Management, these users can:
    • Create Tag Options
    • Edit existing Tag Options
    • Delete existing Tag Options
    • We also rolled out APIs for Create, Edit, Delete Tag Options, so internal systems can now fetch tags in a more efficient manner
  • TC/PC Workflow Support – Additional field added to FullFolio to allow users to view ordering clinicians for a case at a glance

We have also introduced several improvements to enterprise integrations and interoperability:

  • DICOM Support – Ability to bring DICOM images into the Paige Platform and view them in FullFocus®
  • Paige Bridge and LIS Improvements – Sleeker integration of Paige with a lab’s LIS including:
    • Better notifications, alerts, and syncing
    • Easier and more robust export of image annotations
    • Easier synchronization of user assignment from FullFolio™ back to the LIS
    • Ability to send FullFocus screenshots to LIS
  • EPIC Beaker – Launched out-of-the-box integration with the EPIC Beaker LIS

User Experience Improvements

Our focus is always on making the pathologist’s day-to-day experience seamless. These latest user experience enhancements will help to ensure pathologists can review and sign out every case efficiently:

  • Internal Collaboration Improvements– Pathologists can now automatically direct recipients of a sharing link to the slide and location they were looking at
  • FullFolio Usability – Navigating FullFolio is now easier than ever, with the ability to:
    • Copy case metadata to clipboard to quickly search in your LIS
    • Search, sort, see saved views, and switch between sites more easily
  • FullFocus Updates – Annotations can now include calculated values (ex: measurements) when exported via API, and click-free panning has been improved

We’ve also made usability improvements to FullFocus to make panning and zooming faster and easier.

AI Interaction

AI is designed to add efficiency and confidence to diagnosis, but to truly be effective, it must be easy to use and interpret. Our latest updates ensure all pathologists can seamlessly incorporate AI insights into their workflows:

  • Multi-Product View: Pathologists can now activate results from multiple AI products on a single slide. For example, both an application to support cancer detection and an application to identify digital biomarkers can be run at the same time.
  • Measurements: Pathologists can view surface area in mm² for shapes and regions of interest (ROIs)


Paige is the industry leader in developing products that can truly transform the practice of pathology. Our newest products will enable pathologists to unlock never-before-seen capabilities:

  • Our External Consultation feature allows labs to securely share and access digitized pathology images for formal second opinions. By bringing External Consultation capabilities into the digital workflow, Paige Exchange eliminates the time, costs, and risks of manual slide sharing to add efficiency to collaborative diagnosis.

Improved Performance

We’ve continued to add lots of under-the-hood improvements, including:

  • Enhancements to our ability to run AI models at scale
  • New security tools for monitoring and identifying issues
  • Improvements to API performance and reliability

Explore these updates and the full capabilities of Paige AI with a personalized demo.


Updated 2/21/2024