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April 15, 2024

Product Release Updates | April 2024

Paige Product Releases

April 2024

A look at what’s new at Paige, with a focus on boosting efficiency, supporting end-to-end TC/PC workflows, and unlocking revolutionary AI capabilities.

End to End Efficiency

We further improved our support for features that will allow any lab to create custom, efficient workflows:

  • Enhanced integration support for new file types and easier implementation and onboarding
  • Ability to use Paige Prostate Suite on DICOM images
  • New user roles to support TC/PC workflows
  • Improved Platform APIs to continue to make it easier to integrate and build custom workflows on top of FullFolio™, Paige’s case and image management system (IMS)

Enhanced Organization

We introduced thoughtful tools to FullFolio, to help pathologists organize and prioritize their workday to their preferences, adding simplicity to their day-to-day work:

  • New “Clinician” Field: Better supports case organization within TC/PC workflows
  • New “Priority” Column: Enables pathologists to view and sort cases based on priority, aiding in more efficient triaging and prioritization of work
  • New “Case Details” Panel: Shows a preview of the case directly in FullFolio, improving the workflow for pathologists navigating between FullFolio and FullFocus® Viewer.
  • Improved Hide/Show Columns Feature: This update feature allows pathologists to customize their worklist data grid view by hiding or showing specific columns, allowing them to focus on relevant data for their daily tasks
  • Extension of the Case Status Workflow: Improved support for robust clinical workflows through integration and automation support for assigning Addendum and Amendment statuses to cases.

Advanced Case Review Features

We rolled out feature sets designed to make whole-slide image review in FullFocus more precise than ever:

  • Z Stack Capabilities: FullFocus can now display Z-Stack WSI’s digitized on Leica scanners. Pathologists can easily navigate between layers, zoom, add annotations, and share Z stack images with colleagues.
  • On-canvas Measurements: Allows AI modules to provide transparent and interpretable results for users through automated on-slide measurements
  • Improved support for screenshot downloads and automated screenshot export to LIS

Pan Cancer Detection

Our Pan Cancer application, the first in the field to detect cancer across 16 tissue types from a single application, is now live in Beta. Trained using our Foundation Model, based on 1.5 million whole-slide images, this application introduces revolutionary capabilities to cancer detection:

  • Results incorporated into FullFolio at the case level to support pathologists in easily prioritizing their day, with suspicious cases reviewed first or cases requiring additional staining identified earlier in the day
  • Displays binary detection output (“Suspicious for cancer” or “Not suspicious for cancer”) at the slide level, again adding powerful prioritization capabilities to case assessment
  • Shows a focus of interest visualization to pinpoint a specific area on the slide requiring review, adding efficiency to review
  • Works across tissues such as Bladder, Bone, Brain, Cervix, Colon, Endometrium, Liver, Lung, Lymph node, Pancreas, Peritoneum, Prostate, Skin, Stomach, and Upper GI biopsies


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Updated 4/15/2024