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October 12, 2023

Product Release Updates | October 2023

Paige Product Releases

October 2023

A look at what’s new at Paige, with a focus on enhanced integrations, seamless collaboration, and industry-leading performance.


Paige AppLab™

Paige AppLab™ – a vendor-neutral digital pathology and AI marketplace – was launched to allow labs to further customize and streamline routine workflows. AppLab includes:

  • The ability to browse, trial, or purchase third-party applications from our industry-leading partners
  • The option to request additional applications from third-party vendors
  • Access to Paige’s diagnostic and biomarker AI applications, including the Paige Prostate and Paige Breast Suites
  • Access to UnifAI developer tools including an SDK and API


Partnerships & Integrations

Paige offers some of the deepest integrations on the market for a robust array of third-party software and applications. We launched several features to further support the use of third-party tools directly within the Paige Platform:

  • Mindpeak: Paige now supports p53 staining, in addition to Ki-67, ER/PR, and HER2 quantification applications. We also released several feature updates aimed at refining Mindpeak and IHC quantification algorithm workflows, including enhancements to our region of interest tool.
  • Leica Biosystems: With Paige as the preferred provider of the digital pathology image management and viewing software for Leica Aperio scanners, we have been working in partnership with the Leica team to create an interconnected and seamless solution. This includes newly released DICOM support throughout the platform.


Collaboration Capabilities

FullFocus® comes equipped with several collaboration tools that make connecting with colleagues all over the world simple. As part of this functionality, we rolled out a new feature:

  • Now, annotations added to a slide can be made visible to others within your organization. Easily show or hide annotations added by yourself or a colleague during case review, and can click any annotation to see who added it and when.


Improved Performance 

Under-the-hood updates were made to ensure the best possible performance of Paige’s slide ingestion mechanisms and our global databases for case and slide data.

  • Paige Bridge: New slide ingestion process which will make upload smoother and more streamlined for all users
  • FullFolio™: Enhancements to our search, sorting, pagination, and slide count functions to add greater efficiency to case management


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Updated October 12, 2023