April 17, 2024

Paige Unveils Z-Stack Viewing Capabilities in FullFocus®

Pathologists can now access and review Z stack cases within their Paige workflows

Paige, a leader in digital pathology solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest enhancement to FullFocus®, the advanced whole-slide image viewer at the heart of the Paige Platform, to now support the review of Z stack images.* Paige continues to revolutionize digital pathology and empower pathologists with advanced tools for diagnostic precision.

The new Z stack capability is a game-changer for hematopathology and cytology cases, providing pathologists with the ability to review multiple layers of images within FullFocus. This innovative feature allows labs to digitize various aspects of their practice seamlessly, offering a comprehensive solution for diagnostic analysis to create streamlined and efficient workflows.

Key features of the Z stack image review include the ability to view up to 25 layers per image, easy navigation between layers, zoom functionality, annotation tools, and tracking of viewing progress across images. The intuitive software interface mirrors the functionality, down to the fine-focus knob, of a conventional light microscope, ensuring a seamless transition to digital image review for pathologists.

“We are thrilled to introduce Z stacking viewing capabilities within FullFocus®, further advancing our mission to transform pathology practice through innovative technology,” said Andy Moye, CEO at Paige. “This enhancement represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing pathologists with the tools they need to make accurate diagnoses efficiently.”

Each of these features will be available within the same cohesive interface used for classic histopathology practice, simplifying lab operations, accelerating adoption, and making the Paige Platform the future-proof solution for labs of all shapes and sizes.

The Z stack feature is available immediately within the Paige Platform, offering labs of all sizes a future-proof solution for their diagnostic needs.

For more information about Z stacking and how it can support your pathology practice, please visit or contact a member of our sales team.

*Support is currently limited to .SVS images scanned via Leica GT450 scanners. Additional scanner types will be introduced throughout 2024.