October 11, 2023

Paige Launches AI Application Marketplace to Power Customizable Pathology Workflows

The AppLab™ marketplace makes building AI-driven pathology workflows seamless.

Introducing The Paige AppLab™, a vendor-neutral digital pathology and AI marketplace that empowers pathology labs to easily bring AI into their diagnostic workflows to optimize routine practice.

The Paige AppLab features applications from trusted third-party partners as well as each of Paige’s industry-leading diagnostic and biomarker AI applications together in one convenient environment. Each application is integrated seamlessly into the Paige Platform via UnifAI, a set of developer solutions including our SDK and API, to support labs in building intuitive customized workflows.

The marketplace allows users to browse, trial, purchase, and request additional applications and easily implement those applications into their practice, streamlining technology adoption and creating a more connected end-to-end diagnostic experience.

To learn more about the Paige AppLab and the applications available for your lab, schedule a demo with a member of our team.