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January 12, 2022

Paige Announces Executive Leadership Appointments

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Andy Moye, Ph.D., to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Jill Stefanelli, Ph.D., to serve as President and Chief Business Officer

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Paigethe global leader in AI-based diagnostic software in pathology, today announced that it has appointed Andy Moye, Ph.D., as Chief Executive Officer and Jill Stefanelli, Ph.D., as President and Chief Business Officer.

Dr. Moye most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer at Paige, where he led the company’s clinical sales and commercial strategy, including the U.S. launch of Paige Prostate, the first and only AI-based pathology product to receive FDA approval for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in detecting cancer in prostate biopsies. Previously, Dr. Moye served as Head of Commercial Operations in North America and Latin America for the Digital and Computational Pathology division of Philips, delivering significant growth in both markets for the emerging business. Dr. Moye has also served in executive roles at leading healthcare companies including Ontada, a division of McKesson, Caris Life Sciences, and WaferGen Bio-systems, now part of Takara Bio.

“As we continue to deliver on the promise of AI in cancer diagnostics and drug development, I am driven by Paige’s unwavering commitment to bring products that can ultimately result in better patient care,” said Dr. Moye. “I look forward to working with our founders Dr. Thomas Fuchs and Dr. David Klimstra and our stellar team to support our purpose and mission as Paige enters its next phase of commercial growth.”

Dr. Stefanelli served most recently as Chief Precision Medicine Officer at Paige where she led the company’s strategic partnerships with life science companies and biomarker development strategy. Combined, these efforts are pioneering the potential of building upon diagnostic AI to potentially predict improved response to drug mechanisms. Prior to joining Paige, she served as Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Invitae by way of acquisition of ArcherDX, where she led global Companion Diagnostic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to improve how cancer and genetically driven diseases are diagnosed and treated. Previously, she was at Thermo Fisher Scientific establishing the first of many Companion Diagnostic programs for solid tumors including lung cancer following business roles at Roche Diagnostics and Pacific Biosciences. Prior to joining industry, Dr. Stefanelli was Senior Scientist in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Animal Disease Laboratory.

“Following on our landmark FDA approval last year, Paige’s AI-enabled technologies have the potential to transform digital pathology and drug development approaches,” said Dr. Stefanelli. “This is an exciting moment in Paige’s history and I am excited to lead and work alongside our team to position Paige as a leading partner for biopharmaceutical companies in pursuit of better understanding of drug mechanisms driving towards more targeted therapies for patients.”

“We are excited to welcome Andy and Jill into their new roles on the executive leadership team,” said Kenan Turnacioglu, Ph.D., Chair of the Board of Directors at Paige. “Andy and Jill have been integral in all facets of our business from the global deployment of our class-leading diagnostic software to helping biopharmaceutical companies harness computational pathology to enable the progression and success of their pipeline programs. Their leadership experience and know-how across the diagnostics and life science industries will be instrumental as Paige looks to expand its business in building technology that can ultimately save lives.”

The leadership appointments build upon a year of record growth for Paige. In 2021, Paige completed a $125 million Series C financing round to accelerate the transformation of digital pathology, announced several new partnerships with leading laboratories and scanner companies and deployed its digital pathology in global markets.

“Andy and Jill are proven business leaders who have been central to Paige’s commercial growth and corporate strategy,” said Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, Founding Investor and Board Member at Paige. “We are confident that they will propel Paige to new heights and look forward to working closely with them as Paige advances its world-class AI technology to address cancers and other applications.”

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