January 11, 2023

IHC 0 HER2: Dr. Joe Oakley Speaks on Deep Learning-Based Assessment at SABCS 2022

Dr. Joe Oakley, Medical Director of Biomarker Development at Paige, sat down with OncologyTube to give an in-depth review our poster presented at SABCS 2022. The poster shares the findings of a study of our HER2Complete algorithm to determine if it can help pathologists uncover more details within the IHC 0 category of HER2 testing, specifically identifying what we are calling true HER2-negative cases or HER2-null. He also shared insights on the importance of HER2 testing for breast cancer diagnosis, as well as how AI can be applied for clinical oncology today.

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Oakley, G. (2023, January 11). IHC 0 HER2: SABCS 2022 Gerard Oakley Deep Learning-Based . . . OncologyTube.