May 4, 2023

‘Clever AI tool can help pick up prostate cancer quickly’

Dr. Miriam Stoppard shared her support for the introduction of AI tools to support early prostate cancer detection with The Mirror. Acknowledging Oxford University, who have introduced the AI applications included in the Paige Prostate Suite to support patient diagnosis, she explained the value that AI-powered tools like Paige can bring to prostate cancer care. Clare Verrill, leader of the project introducing Paige into Oxford University Hopsitals, added “One of our key aims is to diagnose cancers ­accurately earlier so treatment can be delivered more quickly and, ultimately, outcomes for patients improve. If we can harness this diagnostic technology to achieve this, it will be great news for patients. That’s why this evaluation – one of the first of its kind – is such an important step.”

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Stoppard, M. (2023, May 4). “Clever AI tool can help pick up prostate cancer quickly.” Mirror.