Case Study

AI Gleason Grading in the Wild

Paige participated in the AI In the Wild challenge, organized by Radbaud University. The challenge consisted of putting to the test several AI algorithms designed for prostatic biopsy diagnosis, against a defiant dataset of thirty prostatic biopsies. The dataset contained both benign and positive for cancer slides spanning multiple ISUP grades, originating from multiple countries, stained with different staining methods (including saffron staining), and digitized using multiple scanners.

The study found that:

  • Paige Prostate Grade & Quantify showed 100% concordance with the expert pathologist reference standard in 17 slides
  • Paige Prostate performed extremely well out-of-the-box, without tuning or recalibration, even on saffron (HES) stained slides

Paige provides results you can rely on. 

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