February 15, 2024

Product in Focus | Paige AppLab

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, digital pathology stands out as a transformative tool, offering the promise of enhanced efficiency, reduced administrative workload, and greater diagnostic precision. To fully realize the advantages of digital pathology, it is essential to prioritize reducing adoption barriers and improving the daily user experience, both of which are central to Paige’s mission.

Meeting Growing Demand

The rising number of cancer cases, combined with a shortage of pathologists, has generated a demand for tools that streamline pathology practice and offer specialized diagnostic support. Many companies are acknowledging this demand and developing innovative solutions that aim to address both routine tasks and advanced diagnostic requirements, contributing to the optimization of pathology practice. However, these valuable tools often operate independently of each other, missing the opportunity for their combined use in a single diagnosis.

Connecting the World of Pathology

The Paige AppLab™ effectively addresses the crucial gap in the pathology landscape by seamlessly integrating digital pathology and AI tools into a centralized marketplace. This marketplace is open to any AI vendor, providing pathologists with the necessary tools to uniquely meet their needs.

Within its user-friendly interface, pathologists can effortlessly choose and implement any available application with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to navigate through or use multiple platforms. The AppLab ensures deep integration of all applications into the pathology workflow, creating a comprehensive environment for end-to-end diagnosis. This integration is pivotal for enhancing efficiency and intelligence in diagnosis to support pathologists in meeting the evolving demands of modern patients.

Beyond just a marketplace, the AppLab represents a step toward creating a world where more pathologists can unlock the benefits of the latest technology in the field, and where patients can reap the benefits of decreased turnaround times and increased precision – with collaboration being central to this achievement. We are pleased to have recently partnered with several pioneering companies who will add a robust array of diagnostic and prognostic support solutions to the AppLab to help propel digital adoption and improve patient care. These partners include:

Imagene – A precision oncology diagnosis company offering AI-based biomarker profiling

“Joining Paige’s AppLab underscores our shared commitment to advancing cancer research and care. It highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration in driving research and supporting cancer patients with new and innovative solutions,” – Dean Bitan, Co-Founder and CEO, Imagene.

Aiosyn – A medical software company specializing in AI-powered pathology solutions for cancer and kidney diseases

“Aiosyn’s strategy is to deploy pathology algorithms using a vendor-neutral and modular approach. Paige has proven to be one of the standard digital pathology platforms, and their AppLab enables us to deploy and scale our AI solutions worldwide. We are excited to start this partnership with AiosynQC, which automates artifact detection on digital slides and can boost the efficiency of pathology examinations,” – Patrick de Boer, Co-Founder and CEO, Aiosyn.

Clinsight – Pioneers in prostate cancer precision medicine offering artificial intelligence for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment guidance

“Clinsight is excited to partner with Paige to enable pathologists to access and use our tools for optimal prostate cancer management through the AppLab. Our portfolio of AI models will aid physicians in making informed decisions for prostate cancer management at the time of diagnosis” – Stefan Almestrand, Co-Founder, Clinsight.

Stratipath – A global leader offering deep learning technologies to provide risk profiling of cancer tumors

“Partnering with Paige empowers our mission to improve treatment decisions and patient outcomes, ensuring that a larger number of patients benefit from prognostic risk profiling. By integrating Stratipath Breast in the Paige AppLab, clinicians will have easy access to a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional molecular assays,” – Annica Jämtén Ericsson, COO, Stratipath

Mindpeak – A leader for AI software in pathology with a focus on tissue biomarker analysis and discovery.

“The Paige Platform is one of the most robust and easily integrated solutions available for both routine and AI-augmented digital workflows. The platform offers open compatibility with Mindpeak’s image analysis algorithms and AI solutions to support a complete and optimized workflow experience for pathologists. Providing access to real-time results for breast and lung cancer IHC biomarkers enhances efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning to benefit pathologists, oncologists and patients, alike,” – Felix Faber, CEO, Mindpeak

Histofy – A leading developer of transparent AI solutions for computational pathology, with a special focus on tissue-based diagnostics and prognostics

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Paige AppLab™, a move that marks a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing pathology and research with our innovative AI solutions. The partnership with Paige AppLab™ opens a highly promising route to market for Histofy, enabling our AI products to reach a wider audience of pathologists who are already engaged with the advanced capabilities of the Paige Platform,” – Nasir Rajpoot, Co-Founder, CEO & CSO, Histofy

DoMore Diagnostics – A leader in deep learning precision diagnostics for digital pathology, offering fully automated histotyping that provide objective and precise prognostic information about patient outcomes**

An Empowered Future for Pathologists and Patients

In the complex world of pathology, the convenience of a unified platform like Paige’s proves to be a game-changer for the practice. From technology providers to lab administrators, pathologists, and most importantly, patients, the AppLab acts as a catalyst for improvement across the entire cancer care ecosystem. It signifies a vision of the future where pathologists effortlessly collaborate with AI, completing their vital work with ease and confidence.

Advanced Developer Solutions

Paige AppLab goes beyond the conventional marketplace by offering UnifAI, a set of developer tools that includes an SDK and API. UnifAI allows new partners to seamlessly leverage Paige’s clinical web-based platform, delivering applications to end-users. It also enables labs to integrate home-grown applications they have created to support them in diagnosis or research initiatives.

If you are interested in accessing the AppLab, have an application you’d like to add to the marketplace, or are using an application you wish to see be made available in your workflow, request a demo to be directly connected with a member of the Paige team.

*Stratipath breast is CE-IVD marked for clinical use

**Histotype Px® Colorectal is CE-IVDD marked for clinical use