August 30, 2023

Product in Focus | FullFolio™, Paige’s AI-Enabled Image Management Solution

FullFolio™, Paige’s AI-enabled image manager, is the launching pad for streamlined, next-generation digital diagnosis. By not only providing the tools pathologists need to easily access and organize their cases, but also incorporating intelligent features like real-time case status updates and AI-powered suspicious tissue indicators, FullFolio adds efficiency to digital pathology from the moment a slide is scanned, transforming the way labs work.

Pathology Workflows Powered by FullFolio

As part of the completely web-based Paige Platform, FullFolio can be easily accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. FullFolio is backed by Paige’s expertise in health information exchange and broad experience in Laboratory Information System (LIS) integration which allows real-time bi-directional synchronization capabilities. When put into application, this allows a lab administrator to assign cases to a pathologist in FullFolio, the case assignment information would then be sent back into the LIS so the moment a pathologist is ready to start their day, all cases are matched to the correct patient records, assigned to the correct pathologist, and immediately available in a clean, orderly interface, eliminating tedious organizational work.

A pathologist’s first step for setting up FullFolio as a part of their daily diagnostic routine is to customize their default views. Customized views based on features for sorting and filtering can be saved for direct access to cases in the future, or a user can leverage advanced search functionality to quickly find a specific case whenever needed. On top of custom views, pathologists can also see simple AI indicators that assist with workflow triage. Armed with case-level AI information at a glance, physicians can better organize their workday and prioritize suspicious cases for review first, helping to ensure their most focused energy is spent on the most critical cases, and that any cases needing additional staining or testing are sent off earlier in the day to reduce diagnostic turnaround times.

Once ready to review a case, a simple click will immediately open Paige’s easy-to-use, whole-slide image viewer FullFocus®, and the reporting interface for that case will be automatically launched in any LIS, making case sign-out completely seamless. Users can also tag slides for later, for example, should they be needed in a tumor board. This information will sync back into FullFolio instantly, so that when the time comes for the tumor board, they can easily filter their case list to show only those they need.

As the pathologist continues to move through the day, real-time case status updates will be displayed in FullFolio, adding even greater organization and keeping all lab staff or collaborators on the same page.

A New Approach to Diagnosis

The simplified workflow powered by FullFolio helps to save time, eliminate the need for burdensome organizational work, and customize day-to-day practice, all of which dramatically impact digital pathology efficiency. Importantly, though, it benefits those at the end of the workflow – the patients. With FullFolio, all case information is organized into one interface, which works to reduce the possibility of mixing up patient data to protect patient safety. Additionally, ease of implementation at any lab can accelerate digital pathology adoption, bringing unparalleled efficiency to pathology workflows to get patients access to care as soon as possible.

FullFolio goes above and beyond other digital pathology workflow solutions to enable digital diagnosis today and prepare labs for the future. With FullFolio and the entirety of the Paige Platform solution supporting end-to-end diagnosis, labs are empowered to do their best work with efficiency, confidence, and ease.

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