September 27, 2023

Product in Focus | FullFocus®, Paige’s FDA-Cleared Whole-slide Image Viewer*

Digital pathology is no longer simply a digital replication of traditional pathology practice. Today, it affords the ability to go well beyond what is possible on the microscope – but only when powered by technology that is keeping pace with how the field is accelerating. FullFocus, Paige’s FDA-cleared whole-slide image viewer*, is the leading-edge image solution designed to enable physicians to unlock digital pathology and AI’s full potential. With robust diagnostic and collaboration tools, intuitive AI visualizations, and seamless integrations, FullFocus propels labs into the future of pathology and empowers users to deliver more efficient and confident diagnoses than ever before.

AI-Powered Diagnosis Made Seamless

As part of the Paige Platform, the only digital pathology solution truly built for AI, FullFocus makes accessing AI-powered products completely seamless. Labs can turn on concurrent read capabilities to allow pathologists to see AI outputs in color-coded indicators that signal suspicious or not suspicious tissue within the slide tray at a glance, allowing for greater organization and peace of mind during case review. Slide-level results can also be accessed with a simple click and are displayed in easy-to-read visualizations such as our Focus of Interest indicator, which pinpoints the area on the slide with the highest likelihood of containing cancer. When the user is ready to dive-in further, our TissueMap will highlight suspicious areas using opacity levels rather than the color used by traditional heatmaps to avoid obstructing the view of the tissue, adding efficiency to pathologist decision-making.**

Fully open and vendor neutral, Paige works with third-party AI applications, software providers, and hardware partners to ensure their solutions perform effectively within the Paige Platform, and this coupled with FullFocus’s ability to display images and information from various scanners and LIS applications makes it the single interface pathologists need for complete, efficient diagnosis. The same is true even if a lab is not yet ready to integrate AI into practice; As FullFocus was created with AI in mind, labs have the ability to easily incorporate AI as and when they need it without needing to learn a new image viewing system, keeping FullFocus at the center of their diagnostic workflow as their practice progresses.

Beyond the Microscope

FullFocus also offers a suite of digital tools that streamline and simplify many of the arduous manual tasks in an analog workflow. For example, users can utilize our measuring, scale, shape, and grid tools to easily and accurately measure or count tumors and tumor features, such as mitoses on a breast cancer slide. Unlike on a microscope, users can also view multiple slides side by side, track which areas of the slide have already been reviewed, or easily leave annotations on areas of interest. These annotations can then be shared with colleagues within the institution as part of FullFocus’s robust collaboration capabilities, which enable pathologists to send each other slides near instantly from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. FullFocus additionally supports external consultations, completely eliminating glass slide logistics to enable second opinions with greater efficiency, which adds another layer of confidence to diagnosis.

FullFocus offers shortcuts and hotkeys that optimize the use of these features, allowing pathologists to easily move around the slide, zoom, and open and close tools from their keyboards to bring the greatest possible efficiency to slide review. Perhaps most importantly, each of FullFocus’s tools and AI visualizations were designed in direct collaboration with real-world pathologists to ensure that they are easy-to-use throughout routine practice and resolve the pain points pathologists find most challenging.

Digital Pathology, Redefined

Digital pathology viewing systems are a critical decision in digital transformation, not only because they transform lab operations, but because they directly impact patient care.

Powered by FullFocus’s advanced capabilities, pathologists can more easily manage their workloads, reduce time to diagnosis and total turnaround time, and leverage AI-driven insight to make more confident decisions. Further, because FullFocus is completely cloud-based, labs can easily work with collaborators across the globe or empower pathologists to work remotely, which supports the attraction and retention of the best possible talent. And where other viewers may become obsolete as the field progresses, Paige is dedicated to not only developing the most advanced technology on the market, but regularly and seamlessly deploying it into the platform to ensure pathologists have state-of-the-art tools at their fingertips. Like the rest of Paige’s products, FullFocus is held to the highest regulatory and safety standards and has been FDA-cleared* and CE-IVDR and UKCA marked* for use in primary diagnosis.

Altogether, this makes FullFocus the premier choice for labs looking not just to transition to digital pathology, but to empower their pathologists to deliver state-of-the-art care for every patient today and in the future.

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* In the United States, FullFocus® (K201005) is cleared for clinical use with Philips Ultrafast Scanner. Any other use of FullFocus® is limited to Research Use Only (RUO) and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

** AI-powered products are separate offerings from FullFocus & its cleared functionalities for clinical use