March 14, 2024

Paige Labs: Pioneering the Future of Cancer Diagnosis Through AI Innovation

From founding the field of computational pathology to creating groundbreaking products like the first FDA-approved AI in pathology, Paige Prostate Detect*, Paige has been pioneering the path forward in digital pathology since our inception. Now, we’re taking that one step further with Paige Labs.

Paige Labs is a new, experimental space that puts the AI and tools of tomorrow into the hands of pathologists today. It delivers our most advanced projects and ideas into the Paige Platform to give pathologists the opportunity not only to trial their many benefits, but to contribute their feedback to directly shape the future of cancer detection, diagnosis, and care.

Born From Paige’s Innovative Ethos

With innovation as a core company value, Paige encourages our team to develop new ideas daily and through dedicated innovation sessions. Paige Labs is the culmination of this work, translating the team’s most cutting-edge concepts into tools and features that can enhance pathology practice.

One of the features now available in Paige Labs is dictation. Dictation enables pathologists to use voice-to-text to navigate through their cases, creating a completely hands free and seamless case review experience. Dictation can also capture verbal notes, so pathologists can simply narrate their findings and any relevant information will be instantly recorded for easy access later.

Each of the features that will be introduced via Paige Labs are intended to unlock capabilities not previously possible with the microscope and analog workflows, as well as to find new ways to add efficiency, confidence, and productivity to cancer diagnosis.

While not every feature will ultimately become a tangible product, their exploration within the lab setting offers valuable insights that will continue to inform the creation of future products that can truly make an impact.

Empowering Pathologists

For pathologists, Paige Labs represents an opportunity to be among the trailblazers at the forefront of the industry who get to experiment with the next technologies first-hand. Participating pathologists will be granted access to early-stage AI tools and applications to test the ideas, share feedback on clinical utilization, and collaborate on refining features.

Such collaboration only strengthens pathologists’ position as the center of the cancer care continuum. By playing a more active role in the development of new technology, pathologists can help transform their day-to-day work and expand the ability of colleagues around the world to do their jobs with precision and efficiency.

Building Toward What’s Next

Ultimately, AI’s key value is in its ability to streamline tedious tasks and tap into deep, expert knowledge instantly – and in cancer, this has never been more critical. As case volumes continue to mount and pathologist headcount continues to dwindle, AI will only become more important to ensuring all patients continue to get the best quality care. Through Paige Labs, Paige will accelerate our ability to deliver the technology that offers the productivity and peace of mind that is critical to cancer diagnosis. More than just an initiative to allow our customers to trial new tools, it is a significant step toward building a brighter future for cancer patients.

* In the United States, Paige Prostate Detect (DEN200080) is approved for clinical use with Philips Ultrafast Scanner.