Bringing the power of generative AI across the cancer continuum

Experience the future of cancer diagnosis with Paige, today.  

Our innovative AI technologies, built on the largest datasets globally, are already transforming pathology and making generative AI accessible to doctors.  

The Paige Platform allows for full digitization of the pathology laboratory to elevate doctor’s capabilities beyond what is possible with traditional pathology and drive workflow efficiency and AI driven precision in cancer. 

Paige’s generative AI is now positioned to unlock the deepest secrets of cancer and usher in the next generation of diagnostic tools that we believe will save lives. 

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We empower doctors today with the tools to shape a better tomorrow

clinician utilization of paige

With an installation base spanning across 5 continents, Paige is trusted and utilized by renowned hospitals and laboratories around the world as part of their clinical workflows

A New Standard For Hospitals & Labs

Paige products have defined a new standard in the field of pathology. Our powerful digital platform and robust portfolio of cutting-edge AI applications streamline pathology workflows and provide actionable diagnostic insights to directly inform patient care. 

The scalable, AI-ready foundation for digital pathology

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Paige’s portfolio of clinic-ready AI applications support pathologists in their detection & diagnosis of cancer

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AI applications for the detection of molecular biomarkers on digitized tissue images not typically visible to the eye

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Independently validated and clinically utilized by labs around the world


predictive value3


reduction in cancer detection errors4


reduction in time to diagnosis3


reduction in second opinion requests1


reduction in IHC requests1

Experience The future of pathology

Transforming the way pathologists work through a comprehensive digital pathology platform and robust AI applications. With interoperability and AI integration at the core of all Paige products, Paige represents the only solution labs need for precise, confident diagnosis today and in the future.

Experience The future of pathology

Our AI solutions provide a clear path into the future of pathology.

industry partnerships

Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders, Paige has established professional partnerships that propel the advancement of digital pathology.

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