Transforming Cancer Diagnostics

Paige products can transform the way pathologists work by bringing confidence to diagnosis

Harnessing the incredible power of tissue-based AI

Paige is on a mission to develop and deliver a new generation of clinical applications and predictive tests, empowering pathologists and transforming oncology.  

Our AI solutions provide a clear path into the future of pathology.

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What we offer

Clinical and Pharmaceutical AI Applications

The Paige Platform is a secure end-to-end solution that provides LIS interoperability, multi-scanner integration, cloud storage, case management, image review via FullFocus® and powerful AI applications.

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Paige Prostate is a suite of AI applications created to assist pathologists in the detection of suspicious foci, grading and quantification of tissue and indication of perineural invasion (PNI) in needle core biopsy samples from the prostate tissue.

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Paige Breast is a suite of AI applications created to assist pathologists in the breast cancer evaluation, providing detection of cancer in breast biopsies and the detection of metastases in breast lymph nodes.

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We are partnering with pharmaceutical companies to build novel prognostic and predictive digital biomarkers by providing a range of services and co-development pipelines, enabling new and powerful patient stratification and treatment plans. 

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Our data powers generalizability

Access to highly specialized diverse global data has provided Paige with one of  the largest data sets used to develop AI software. 


benefits of Paige

Powerful, Intuitive AI to Enhance Diagnostic Confidence & Accuracy

paige prostate

Secure and Compliant

Paige is committed to building and providing state of the art and secure digital pathology solutions. Paige has achieved ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP USA & Canada, and ISO 27001:2013 certifications and maintains a security and privacy program that complies with HIPAA-and GDPR requirements. 

Easy Integration

The cloud-based Paige Platform integrates with your laboratory information system (LIS), requiring zero-lab footprint. Our cloud-based approach allows for access to whole slide images through a web-browser via an internet connection.  


Our approach to AI leverages one of the broadest digital pathology datasets, with data from over 1000 institutions globally, helping to create highly robust models. As a result, our AI products do not need modifications or configuration before use, regardless of any pre-analytical variations at individual labs. 

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