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Paige is pioneering novel predictive and prognostic tissue-based biomarkers from tissue.

By combining leading technology with groundbreaking AI, Paige derives novel insights from images of routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained tissue to identify morphologic features and biomarkers with clinical utility. Using proprietary computational pathology with exclusive clinical data cohorts, Paige rapidly uncovers and validates phenotypic patterns that are not identifiable using existing methodologies and deploys the AI globally.

Paige is using powerful AI that improves the molecular characterization of cancer from H&E tissue samples. Using our unique technology, Paige can discover new predictive and prognostic biomarkers from novel treatment and response data cohorts to efficiently match patients to clinical trials and therapies.

  • Identify and validate new predictive or prognostic biomarkers using Paige’s data or external data to drive your research forward. 
  • Leverage proprietary AI to uncover phenotypic patterns that correlate with genomic and molecular pathways. 
  • Answer research questions using well-annotated, longitudinal data with matching pathology images, molecular, and clinical information. 

  • Rapidly develop AI-powered algorithms to support clinical trial testing and companion diagnostics. 
  • Automate and standardize pathology interpretations and novel tissue-based assessments to improve clinical trial endpoints. 
  • Utilize our regulatory experience with AI to support your companion diagnostic (CDx) development activities. 

  • Launch existing or co-developed algorithms at CROs or trial sites globally.
  • Build on top of an FDA-cleared and CE-marked platform to de-risk clinical trials and regulatory submissions.
  • Utilize our experience towards companion diagnostics (CDx) development and regulatory approval.

Leverage the Paige Platform

Designed to deploy new algorithms at scale, the Paige Platform which include the FullFocus viewer allows for rapid distribution of novel biomarkers to expedite enrollment and assist in identifying treatment pathways and trial options — all while enabling seamless anytime, anywhere access for pathologists and research teams.

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Prospective access to MSK data

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Ground truth based on MSK pathology

World-leading pathologist network provides reliable diagnostics

Molecular & genomic data


Best in class oncology, pathology and associated clinical and treatment datasets.


Our industry-leading technical, scientific and AI expertise combined with proven regulatory experience ensures the highest level of quality across your R&D efforts. Paige is currently the only company to have received FDA approval for an AI algorithm in pathology. We can bring that expertise to our partnerships.

Global reach

Our growing partnerships with reference laboratories, hospitals and academic centers allow Paige to facilitate and support global collaboration between pharmaceutical partners, their contract research organizations and clinical trial sites.

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