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We’re on a mission to use the incredible power of tissue-based AI to develop and deliver globally, a new generation of digital diagnostics and predictive tests, empowering pathologists and transforming oncology.

About Paige

Using AI to inspire a new future for pathology

Led by a team of experts in the fields of life sciences, oncology, pathology, technology, machine learning, and healthcare, Paige strives to transform cancer diagnostics. We make it possible not only to provide additional information from digital slides to help pathologists perform their diagnostic work efficiently and confidently, but also to go beyond by extracting novel insights from digital slides that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These unique tissue signatures have the potential to help guide treatment decisions and enable the development of novel biomarkers from tissues for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.


How we support our mission

  • Led by a team of experts in pathology, machine learning and healthcare

  • Software that provides additional information on every slide 
  • Helps Pathologists work efficiently and confidently 

  • Advanced software to extract new information from pathology slides for additional information to create the most informed and personalized patient treatment workflows possible 

  • Empowering pathologists and transforming oncology 

Timeline of Paige

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Paige was founded
Paige was founded
Data License Deal with MSK
Data License Deal with MSK
Paige Prostate Detection received FDA breakthrough designation
Paige Prostate Detection approved for use in Europe (CE-Mark)
FullFocus received FDA clearance and CE-Mark for use in diagnostic practice
Paige Prostate Grading and Quantification approved for
use in Europe (CE-Mark)
Paige reaches 100 employees
Paige sets up UK Office
Paige Prostate Detection received FDA approval
Paige wins Phase IV NHSx award for Paige Prostate Evaluation in NHS
Medical Innovation Briefing given by NICE on Paige Prostate
Paige Breast Lymph Node Detection CE-MARK

Meet our founders

David S. Klimstra, MD

Founder, Chief Scientist

“At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we began the process of digitizing pathology slides in 2008, using the resulting digital images to develop a research program in computation pathology. These resulting AI algorithms demonstrated the potential to transform diagnosis and to develop digital prognostic and predictive biomarkers. We founded Paige in order to bring these research tools to clinical use— to ultimately help transform the practice of pathology.”

Thomas Fuchs, Dr. Sc.

Founder, Chief Scientist

“This is a critical time for Pathology, as pathologists are carrying a heavier workload than ever before. Paige was founded to help address their needs through cutting-edge technologies. Paige represents the future of computational pathology and we believe in empowering pathologists with additional insights from rich  images, so they can make more effective, confident diagnoses.”


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